About us

We want to change the stereotype of the IT specialist, who is always stuck to the screen and we want to show that IT and technology can inspire people to create interesting and ambitious projects. Talk’N’Roll is a Sabre Conference created by Sabre employees for passionate people willing to expand their horizons, learn and get inspired.
Our mission is to provide a first-class non-tech conference and platform for the exchange of ideas and networking among people from all over the world representing diverse cultures and interests. This year’s common theme is: “Your next step forward”

YOUR NEXT STEP FORWARD. What does it mean for us?
YOU are the influencer, the person who is consciously developing yourself and your surroundings. Taking the NEXT STEP is natural consequence of thinking ahead and changing the game. If you are thinking FORWARD this conference is for you to come and come and listen to the people like you.

This is a 4th edition of our Conference.