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8:20 Registration

9:00 Conference opening

Piotr Prokopowicz
Your Next Step Forward? Be 1% Kinder

Joanna Heidtman
Learn, Unlearn and Relearn – how do we grow in a non-linear reality of change?

Marek Godawski
Technology and human progress

Marek Gutt-Mostowy
The application of the Hyperloop technology for transporting cargo in response to the high growth of the intermodal transportation market

Coffee Break

11:00 Marcin Wesołowski
I was taught to invest in memories

Michal Rusinek
Is language going forward

Kuba Bladek
Internet of Value

Jan Mela
Passion and Emotions in live and in business

Lunch break

14:00 Karol Harabasz
You are here

Emil Borzechowski
AI is among us. How pop culture influences the technology

Bartosz Nowak
Technology in media – perspective based on years of experience

Hello5 Performance