Talk'n'Roll Organizers

Michal Winkler

Seasoned leader with years of experience which fortunately didn’t kill his curiosity about everything. Living in 21 century is a fair coincidence for him as technology is his favorite field together with public speaking.

Przemyslaw Kluz

Easy going team lead focused on promoting creativity and knowledge sharing in his teams. What he cares about the most is people. He is also passionate about technology, programming, electronics and computer games development.

Marian Mroz

Team Lead at Sabre Poland, who have been working for Air Solutions for over 5 years. Open-minded, creative, energetic person with mind full of crazy ideas. His has lots of different hobbies: salsa dancer, amateur actor, graphic designer, short movies creator, blog writer, bike addicted and organizer of great parties. He is also founder of initiative: www.poznajki.pl

Adina Dinca

Traveler, content manager, writer and coach + proud mom of two dogs – a husky named after a greek goddess and a blonde little Chewbacca. Passionate about animals, glitter, the space and helping others fulfill their dreams. If she’s not doing some strange (sometimes culinary, but not only) experiments, she’s probably with friends, watching movies, biking, painting or coming up with some genius masterplan.

Agnieszka Muszynska

QA Engineer at Sabre Poland, enjoys problem-solving opportunities and creative thinking whenever possible. Huge fan of movies (including old time classics!), books and good food

Monika Munoz

IT Business Analyst at Sabre Poland, connected with travel industry for over 15 years. Enthusiastic, full of ideas and energy, love to work for people and with people. A fan of Jim Rohn and ..her grandma. After work, she is a cook, a dressmaker and a beginning mom of 1,5 year Ola

Dagmara Mateja

Anthropologist in IT, connected with this business for two generations. Multifunctional communication person at @SabrePolska. Cracovian by choice for 20 years now. Self-proclaimed photographer and graphic designer.

Anna Kwasny

HR Business Partner at Sabre Poland passionate about working with people.
Ania loves to travel – her favorite place (so far😀) is Tofino (Canada).

Dymitr Stinski

Senior Software Developer in Sabre. I like travelling very much, exploring the surrounding world and testing the limits. Sports activities are strong part of my life as well – running and CrossFit at the current time. Passion for technologies helps me to have more fun in above things.

Magda Mytnik

A philologist by education, a member of Facility Team at Sabre Office.
Magda is also an amateur photographer; she loves going for walks with a camera on her shoulder and spend time on taking pictures.  She is a big fan of the Beatles and Italian cuisine.

Tolga Duzenli

Software engineer at Security System Team. Self-motivated, proactive and entrepreneur. My passions are entrepreneurship, technology, outdoor sports, cross fit, healthy life and cooking. I prefer being in the kitchen instead of the company. And I am fun of Fast and Furious movies.

Magdalena Walas

Senior Office Manager at Sabre Poland for almost 8 years.
Magda loves cooking and baking and what’s strange she hates sweets☺  For the last 2 years huge fun of jogging and ski beginner. After work, mother of two teenagers.