Jakub Bladek


Subject of the presentation:

Internet of Value


The first, cloudy era of blockchain technology, initiated by the invention of Bitcoin protocol, by mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, has passed. After 9 long years since its birth, the phenomenon of cryptocurrencies in general, rocks the news’ headlines from time to time, mostly about crazy prices gains or drops, new ICOs or scam and fraud activities. This ere is about to an end, but still not many people know/realize how the blockchain technology behind the scenes, really works, nor where it is going.

During the session, we will be talking about the new chapter in this “Crypto Era” book, which has the potential to change the world, as we know it. We will be focusing on techstack and usecases behind “Interledger Protocol (ILP)” and the possibilities, it enables. It won’t be any kind of financial advice, which is usually built on top of personal opinions, FOMO or lack of technical knowledge. This session will be targeting mostly technical side of this growing domain in fintech, showing you the possibilities, challenges and needs of the new “Internet of Value” era.


The very first thing different about Kuba is his education profile. While being a seasoned senior software developer/analytic in Sabre, he holds the MA diploma in history, at the same time.

You might think the two opposing forces in education and subject matter expertise can’t work together, but Kuba proves his polymath skills and knowledge, both in software solutions architectures, as well as the theory behind the concept of money / value / consensus mechanisms, since their invention in the prehistory / ancient times, till the current state.

This is why he is so passionate about blockchain technology, which embodies all of the above. He is driven by passion, knowledge and experience. He can’t wait for the “Internet of Value” to materialize before our eyes in coming years.