Marek Godawski

M. Godawski_photo

Subject of the presentation:

Technology and human progress


In this informative talk Marek will take you through the journey of technological progress. He will argue whether progress is inevitable or it is a result of applying reason, science and problem-solving skills. Supported by number of quantitative measures of progress you’ll be inspired to think of technical advancements, new products as poverty alleviators, pollution mitigators and more. You’ll be surprised how statistical data are intertwined with products we all use and what data sources are brought up to support unexpected signs of progress. Marek takes it a step further trying to show how the general public perception is somewhat doubtful of progress despite obvious facts that humans live healthier, longer, better and happier lives. In closing remarks you’ll be faced with a picture an imperfect world but with limitless possibilities to be bettered with time.


Professional with over 15 years of experience building commercial computing systems.

At the age of six held a QA role for his brother’s very successful Hans Kloss Atari game.

Built his first webpage at the age of nine. Held various roles on the technology side at mid-size businesses before joining the corporate world. At Techcave.pl led development of a wayfinding solution now used across fifty shopping malls. At Azimo.com worked hand in hand with a CTO to grow the development team from 2 people to 34 in less than 2 years while being focused on building high-performance online money transfer platform that’s now considered top three in digital money transfer apps.

Joined Sabre early 2016 to work on Sabre Training platform that was launched a year later. After successful launch was tasked with owning delivery of Sabre self-service Agency eServices website used by over 250k travel agents until joining Sabre Hospitality Solutions team where he owns delivery of hotels reservation and availability backend system with over 100m daily API calls at peak times used by 450+ online travel agencies among which Expedia, Booking and Ctrip are the largest clients. Occasional conference speaker, tech events organizer, workshops lead, sports addict and tech businesses shareholder. Passionate about technology and what it can do for humanity.