Joanna Heidtman


Subject of the presentation:

Learn, Unlearn and Relearn – how do we grow in a non-linear reality of change?


The presentation focuses on the process of development and learning in non-linear reality VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) and the challenges such as changes and learning in organizations, where leaders and employees must constantly “unlearn” to move forward in a dynamically evolving environment.


Joanna Heditman, Ph. D. psychologist and sociologist, trainer, coach, business consultant, creator and promotor of “sensotwórczość” – the new idea of development in constantly changing reality. She has gained her knowledge and experience i.a. on University of South Carolina and Cornell University in USA. She is the co-manager of the consulting company Heidtman & Piasecki and the co-founder of Foundation for Intellectual Capital. The lecturer at post-diploma and MBA studies, works with companies and their leaders as a “businessdoctor”, leading them through the process of changes, intensive growth, building new organizational culture and implementing new strategies. She publishes in Harvard Business Review Polska, Personel i Zarządzanie, Think Tank, Sens, Charaktery, Coaching magazine, Leader’s Magazine and Newsweek Psychologia. She is an expert for TVN, TVN 24 and TVN 24 BiŚ.

Books: „W zgodzie z sobą, w zgodzie z innymi” (wyd. Emka), „Procesy Grupowe” (wyd. Scholar), „Sensotwórczość – 7 sposobów budowania wartości w zespole i organizacji”.

Her passions are travelling, sociological photography and observing people of different cultural backgrounds.

www.businessdoctors.pl www.sensolab.pl