Piotr Prokopowicz


Subject of the presentation:

Your Next Step Forward? Be 1% Kinder.




Piotr Prokopowicz is an Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, Post-Doctoral Associate at the University of Maryland’s Culture Lab, Co-founder at Freenovation.org, bestselling author, award-winning educator and management science geek. For over a dozen years, he’s been researching organizational cultures and management systems that allow people and organizations to thrive. He has studied a coffee co-operative in Canada, best workplaces in Copenhagen, hospital units in the Maryland area, and start-up companies in Poland. His experiences range from managing a gamification consulting company, providing talks at international TEDx conferences and corporate events, developing strategy for the best university in Poland, to… leading a punk rock band. As a speaker, he engages audiences by educating them about leadership myths, innovation, evidence-based management, and methods for building a smarter and happier workplace.