Michal Rusinek


Subject of the presentation:

Is language going forward


In his speech he will try to define a language in the context of Talk’n’Roll conference theme: people, passion and technology. Is language going forward? Is it keeps up to the changes in the modern word which are driven by the new technologies? Or maybe anticipate them? And finally – if observing the language can protect us against the dangers of the modern world?


Michał Rusinek Ph.D. was born in 1972 in Krakow and still lives there with his family.

He used to be a secretary to Wisława Szymborska and he is leading her foundation now. He works at Polish Language Department of Jagiellonian University, where he has lectures on theory of literature and rhetoric. Sometimes he is a translator from English, it happens that he writes books for children and adults as well as rhymes and song’s lyrics. He is an author of columns about books and language.