Marcin Wesolowski

Marcin Wesolowski

Subject of the presentation:

I was taught to invest in memories – How travel industry changed over last decades and how it changed us, people.


Based on my 10 years experience in travel industry as well as my personal growth in that decade, I would like to show how fast the travel world has been changing in past years and why it is crucial to explore the world if we want to grow as a person.

It should be an inspirational talk not only telling a story of a changing industry, but also a person that grew together with it.

Also, the talk is much about the change, the change of the world, of industry and technology as well as personal change within it.


Marcin is Travel and Hospitality industry specialist. Although based in Krakow, Poland, he has spent much of his life on the way. While living in China over a decade ago and travelling to many countries in last years, he has learnt a lot from places visited and people met on the way. Graduate of Jagiellonian University in Krakow, he studied influence of culture on business. For many years he worked as a successful hotelier, university lecturer and nowadays Director of Operations at Bidroom.com – Online Travel Community. Author of a successful travel blog – Wojażer and a huge enthusiast of gathering and sharing knowledge with others.