Adrian Tworuszka


Subject of Presentation:

More than just coincidence…


Let’s look at innovations differently and see if there is something more than just coincidence and luck. During the presentation we will review several innovation models, their history and purpose and see if/how selected innovative polish IT companies apply them in their strategies and day-to-day routines.


Seasoned technology leader, a graduate of Electronics (medical diagnostic devices) and Computer Science (parallel computing and cluster systems) at Opole University of Technology. Holds an Executive MBA degree of Cracow University of Economics (Poland), Ecole de Management de Normandie (France) and AESE Business School (Portugal) with his thesis focused on innovation management.

Adrian started his technology journey with Atari XL, got first coding certificate in the age of 8 and moved to Linux-based systems.

His professional career started 15 years ago with R&D and embedded systems, working on implementation of first UTMS platform for Siemens and BenQ, then moved to Sabre working on critical systems supporting airlines industry.

For last 7+ years Adrian is leading multiple technology teams, managing several software products and supporting largest Sabre customers.

Passionate about technology, problem solving and people development.