Chris Badura

Subject of the presentation:


 “Empathy – technological humanization”




UXUI Expert, Coach, founder of the UXUI Academy, CEO, author of the textbook and exercises “UXUI Design Optimized”. He has been designing for over 23 years. Initially – as Art Designer – he worked at the Krakow Animated Film Studio, then as Concept Visual Designer in advertising agencies, where he became Art Director. At that time, he achieved tangible successes, working directly for the most recognizable brands. He has always tried to understand the audience, that’s why desire to design the best solutions for the user dominated his work. Currently, he works as a UXUI consultant for international corporations. At the same time, based on many years of practice, he developed the UXUI Academy, dedicated to effective training in the field of User Experience and User Interface Design.