Ireneusz Krosny

Subject of presentation:

Passion and work – an alternative or a conjunction


Ireneusz Krosny was born in Tychy, Poland in 1968. He began learning pantomime at the age of 14. In 1992, he began his professional solo activity under the name “One Mime Theater”. In the 1995/6 season Ireneusz Krosny takes part in three of the most important comic festivals in Poland and all wins by receiving three Grand Prix. This opens the way for him to record many television programs, including two cyclical ones. In 1997 he conducts pantomime workshops at theater schools in Krakow and Vilnius. In 1998, he won the fourth Grand Prix at the first edition of the comedy festival “Kataryniarze”. He performs in many European countries as well as in Canada and the USA, where he receives the “Critic’s Choice” award from the American art newspaper Chicago Reader for the best critics performance in Chicago at the time.

He performs at international comedy and pantomime festivals, including: “International Mime Festival” in Chunchon in South Korea, “Lachmesse” in Germany, “Kaukliar” in Bratislava, Body / language festival in Stockholm, “Fringe” in Great Britain, ” Festival du Rire “in Montreux, Switzerland,” Meet in Beijing “Arts Festival in China,” Ingenio Comedy Festival “in the Canary Islands,” Stockholm Comedy Festival “in Sweden and many others.

He has four premieres: “Punkt widzenia”, “Z przymrużeniem ucha” “Nieco ostrzej” and “The best of” Today Ireneusz Krosny is with no doubt the most known and recognized comic mime in Poland, and his art, through the purity of form and originality of style, gains growing audience around the world.