Louis Selincourt


Subject of the presentation:

Be first by moving first (and fast)! Use these simple but powerful leadership scalability philosophies to blow past your competition.


We are living in a globalized and networked age, where being faster than the competition means “be or not to be.” In this talk Louis Selincourt will share knowledge earned from his 40+ years of experience leading from within some of Silicon Valley’s most renowned organizations. These fast-track philosophies positioned him and his teams to build highly valuable companies to serve global markets, with the goal of becoming the first mover at scale.


Louis Selincourt, SVP of Global Development Center Operations, oversees Sabre’s development operations, including implementation of processes, to further improve development capabilities, enhance product quality, and attract and retain key talent. Louis brings 40 years of software development experience and more than 25 years of know-how in enabling global organizational growth. Prior to joining Sabre, he was co-founder and managing partner at Better Faster Further, LLC, where he worked with leading companies to implement techniques and processes to optimize operations, people, behaviors and communications. Louis serves as an investor/advisory board member for several start-ups, including FreshToHome, PipeCandy, ORA.systems, HashCube, Moesif and Loop Med. He is a member of the CalPoly, San Luis Obispo, Computer Science and Software Engineering Industry Advisory Board.