Łukasz Łętocha


Subject of the presentation:

2030 Outsourced by Intelligent Machines. Really?



All of us are familiar with “industrial revolution” or so called “megachenge”. When all major nations underwent significant shift from agricultural society to an industrial one. Rise of steam-powered machines which found their way into railroads, farms and all kinds of road vehicles. But this isn’t only industry revolution. In fact there were three of them, and just now we are experiencing a fourth. By many known as “digital one” or Industry 4.0. At the center of this change is a new business model built around robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This one is going to move us through a seismic shift hugely impacting our economy model and possibly harming our democracies. But there is still time to acknowledge, influence and control our destiny.



Lukasz is living in a small town close to Krakow. For many years working in the IT industry for industrial automation, telecommunications, automotive and travel space. Enthusiast full of passion towards technology, software engineering and people management. Currently working as a Software Engineering Director in Sabre.