Paula Mascarenhas

Subject of the presentation:

Crafting your Professional and Personal Path



We use various tools and processes in software development that are useful when managing our personal and professional lives. This presentation will provide you with insights and techniques than can help you manage your career and increasing your overall satisfaction by finding the right work-life balance, given your personal needs and preferences.


Paula Mascarenhas is the Vice President of Program Management for Sabre’s Travel Solutions Platform Development (TSPD) team. She leads a team of program managers, portfolio managers and business operations professionals responsible for ensuring that TSPD operates strategically and effectively whiledeliveringkey initiatives, customer commitments and product roadmaps.Her team provides program management and operational support to run the organization –including managing TSPDgoals, finances, resources, processes and deliverables.Previously Paula has been a developer, a development manager, a project manager and a consultant. She has an extensive background in travel technology and expertise with financial management, workforce management and portfolio management.Paula has a bachelor’s in Mathematics and Social Sciences from Dartmouth College, and a master’s in Management Sciences from the University of Tennessee. She is also a Project Management Professional (PMP).Her interests include hiking, reading and the arts. She loves to travel and has visited over 70 countries.