Anna & Maciej Rys

Anna Rys


Maciej Rys


Anna & Maciej Ryś


Anna – Co-Founder of Smogathon, a global competition for smog-fighting innovations and CEO at AnyMind, a knowledge-sharing marketplace where everyone can buy and sell expertise on a pay-per-second basis. Also a business developer for Lekta.ai. Previously co-founder and CEO of TurboTranslations, and before that Marketing & Community Manager at AdTaily.


In her free time (if she has any), she enjoys film acting and gets involved with English-speaking theatre groups in Krakow. She likes to challenge herself mentally, but also physically – working out at the gym, learning new pole dance moves, or participating in obstacle course races.”


Maciej is a passionate globetrotter always ready for new challenges! He lived in 4 different countries and graduated from University of York, Hong Kong and Kozminski (Warsaw). Co-founder of many technological ventures, such as Przedszkolowo and Earlylogic. Owner of Lynxia, an agency organizing hackathons, events and conferences. Founder and leader of Smogathon.


Subject of the presentation: “How We (Almost) Saved the Planet”


Description: Together they will talk about Smogathon and inspiring social change through collaborating with those around you.