Julio Cesar Fort

Julio Cesar Fort


Julio Cesar Fort

Julio is a Brazilian-born, Poland-based information security engineer who considers himself to be a citoyen du monde.

He is a partner at Blaze Information Security, a consulting firm providing cyber security services, and has been involved with IT security in one way or another since mid-1990. He holds a Master’s degree in Information Security from Royal Holloway, University of London.


Julio is a big fan of punk rock, ska and acid jazz and has a keen interest in topics related to privacy and Internet freedom. Recently he has found out he likes cats, too.


Subject of the presentation: The militarization of the cyberspace and why we should care about it

Description: A take on the ongoing militarization of the cyberspace in light of recent events, from its origins to modern days. We will discuss how governments are turning the Internet into a surveillance state and an invisible battlefield that implicates the average user, as well as what the technical communities are doing to fight back to keep the cyberspace open and free.