Katarzyna Jurczak

Katarzyna Jurczak

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Katarzyna Jurczak

Katarzyna is a Scrum Master and agile enthusiast, who helps people to increase their productivity, share knowledge, understand and adhere agile principles and most of all – become a real team.

After spending 12 years on various positions in marketing, product management and IT industry she’s able to effectively communicate, reinforce collaboration and consistently look for compromise. She’s interested in areas related to team dynamic – relationships, conflict management, personal development and coaching.

In free time Katarzyna is trying to run a bit or get some sleep. Sleeping becomes your passion when you are a working mother of two little boys.


Subject of the presentation: How to turn conflict into creativity


Description: Conflict at workplace is unavoidable. But conflict is good! It can boost creativity and lead to innovation. On the other hand – poorly carried out, counter-productive conflict can be harmful and destructive. The question is how to create environment in which different opinions are encouraged? How to ensure that everyone in the team can express her or his thoughts? Or how to deal with conflict avoiders and conflict seekers?

Developing effective conflict resolution skillset not only in leadership but also among the team members is an essential part of building competitive, modern organizations. Why? Just because where all think alike no one thinks very much.