Michal Winkler

Michal Winkler


Michał Winkler


Michal is Senior Leader with several years of experience in IT sector on various positions as software engineer, quality assurance, project manager, development manager and delivery owner. Graduate of University of Science and Technology, University of Economy in Krakow and MBA program St Gallen Business School.  Fortunately his experience didn’t kill his curiosity about everything.  Michal is passionate about technology especially in a field of transportation, medicine, biotechnology, creativity and innovation process. Leaving in 21 century is a fair coincidence for him as technology is his favorite field together with public speaking.


Subject of the presentation: It’s the transportation, stupid!


Description: Many things are rapidly changing and transportation is the one that may have biggest impact on our near future. What may be coming and why we all should try to be futurologists.