Piotr Prokopowicz

Piotr Prokopowicz


Piotr Prokopowicz

Piotr is an Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, speaker, author, and talent management consultant. He holds a PhD in sociology and MA in psychology, but don’t let that scare you off – with his practical experience as a business owner, and a sharp focus on evidence-based practice he has been able to succeed in numerous enterprises that bridge the gap between research and implementation.

Piotr’s experiences range from researching competency supply and demand in one of the most competitive markets in Eastern Europe, to providing talks at international TEDx conferences and corporate events, to managing a gamification consulting company, to teaching Organizational Behavior at one of the most dynamic business schools in Germany, to developing strategy for the best university in Poland, to… leading a punk rock band. This unique mix enables him to explore new horizons, help people and organizations to reach new levels of performance, and ultimately, make a difference.

Piotr is a prolific author and contributor. Recently, he authored “Evidence-Based Recruitment and Selection: 33 Rules of Effective Personnel Management,” in which he describes, with humor, how to use cutting-edge scientific research to increase organizational performance. Spoiler alert: the book includes pictures of lemurs, and believe it or not, somehow it all makes perfect sense.

As a speaker, he engages audiences by educating them about leadership myths, talent acquisition, evidence-based management, self-improvement, and methods for building a smarter and happier workplace. An avid science popularizer and self-experimenter, he delivers memorable and motivating talks that always aim at striking the perfect balance between knowledge and entertainment.

Fellow Member of Center for Evidence-Based Management, member of Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology and European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology. As a trainer and consultant he helped more than 100 companies and organizations in building a smarter workplace.


Subject of the presentation: Lead like a geek, or how not to manage Millennials


Description: Being geek is not about identity. It’s about applying the mindset of wonder and passion (at times bordering on obsession), to your everyday life and endeavors. When used properly, geek mindset makes life exquisite, and renders every trivial pursuit worthwhile. As with Buddhism and Stoicism, geekness is both philosophy and practice, applying not only to computers, comic books, coffee or music, but also to science, love and – my personal passion – management and leadership.