Sindhuja Sankaran

Sindhuja Sankaran


Sindhuja Sankaran is a research associate and lecturer from Chennai (India) with a PhD in Social Psychology obtained in Cardiff (UK), who has been working as a research associate and lecturer in the Psychology Department at Jagiellonian University (Poland) since 2013, and at the University of Warsaw since last year. Her research experience of almost 10 years now has expanded her interests from theoretical processes of cognition to morality, status and social class. Her current project is to incorporate scientific theory in understanding political and social phenomenon, particularly in India.

Apart from science, Sindhuja is actively involved in performing music and theatre (she is part of the English-speaking theatre group – Krakow King’s Players) earning her a permanent membership of the ‘Jack of all trades’ club. Apart from that, she enjoys photography, traveling, being a music snob, wining and dining, practicing the fine art of sarcasm and spoiling her cat – Nila – rotten.


Subject of the presentation: Understanding Society through Social Psychology


Description: Attitudes, status perception, prejudice, refugees, and the shift towards political authoritarianism. How does social psychological science explain all this? A Polish and Indian perspective.