About Talk'n'Roll

We want to change the stereotype of the IT specialist, who is always stuck to the screen and we want to show that IT and technology can inspire people to create interesting and ambitious projects. Talk’N’Roll is a Sabre Conference created by Sabre employees for passionate people willing to expand their horizons, learn and get inspired.
Our mission is to provide a first-class non-tech conference and platform for the exchange of ideas and networking among people from all over the world representing diverse cultures and interests.
This year’s common theme is:

“Crafting the future, NOW”

Future is more important than ever before and consciously influencing it is becoming OUR responsibility and mission.
Independently, on micro or large scale, we have an impact on technology, people and trends and far beyond…

This is a 5th edition of our Conference.

Talk'n'Roll Organizers

Michal Winkler

Seasoned leader with years of experience which fortunately didn’t kill his curiosity about everything. Living in 21 century is a fair coincidence for him as technology is his favorite field together with public speaking.

Przemyslaw Kluz

Easy going team lead focused on promoting creativity and knowledge sharing in his teams. What he cares about the most is people. He is also passionate about technology, programming, electronics and computer games development.

Katarzyna Łypik

Her passion is self-development and design: art, interior, visual, UX and life design. After hours she is an active member of the “Sabre Women in Technology” community – organizing meetings for women and workshops for kids. She drives her positive energy from long walks with her dogs, intuitive painting, scuba diving and lazy days at the country side with lots of coffee

Ewa Gondek

Senior Facility Coordinator at Sabre Poland. Ewa is extremely cheerful and passionate
about people and what makes them tick. In her spare time she loves to read and try new exciting adrenaline-pumping things.
She loves helping people and making things done!

Dagmara Mateja

Great Talk’N’Roll enthusiast for the second time. In Sabre responsible for every kind of communication, in private life passionate about any kind of art expression, most recently on sketchnoting. Photographer, make-up artist, mum, wife and cat owner.

Anna Stach

Ania is working in HR department as she is passionate about people, coaching and facilitation. In her free time, she loves to dance, travel and do voluntary job. Ania loves TnR event and she is TnR team for the second time.

Judyta Barczyk

Scrum Master at Sabre Poland, fully interested in developing her skills and exploring new areas of managing teams.
Engaged in many different internal projects and meetups .
Loves to travel, meet new people and explore new places and things. Also one of her biggest passion is… food.

Dymitr Stinski

Dmitriy Stinskiy works on Corporate Travel Services which allow our clients to use Sabre booking solutions through RESTful API. He’s passionate about technologies since they make our world more comfortable and cozy place. Dmitriy is also interested in self-development and interpersonal communication that’s why he’s happy to take part in organizing of Talk’n’Roll conference. Work-life balance matters to him so he’s regularly do different kinds of sport activities to refresh his mind and push his boundaries a bit further.

Marian Mroz

Marian is a Team Lead in one of the projects in Sabre. He is also engaged in many communities (Young Professional Council program and Talk’N’Roll conference) and active member of our outside actions for example: Give Together & Give Time Together. After hours he spends time as amateur actor, salsa dancer, graphic & movies editor and has mind full of great ideas.

Katarzyna Rybak

kasia r

Administration team player with professional attitude to all required tasks. Definitely people orientated with good interpersonal skills. Always smiling and helpful, brightening the reception office. Deeply involved in the social Sabre events such as GTT, GT, Social Fund and Talk & Roll Conference.  In her spare time Kasia likes the dynamic activities like cycling, hiking, swimming and skiing in the winter time.