2019 Speakers

Sebastian Drzewiecki

VP, Global Development Center’s and Managing Director at Sabre Corporation

 “Personal Branding

Krystyna Czubówna

Polish journalist, presenter and lector

“Future through Krystyna Czubówna eyes” – interview


Szymon Hołownia

Journalist, publicist and writer

“Five minutes before your five minutes”

Ireneusz Krosny

Actor, mime artist

“Passion and work – an alternative or a conjunction”

Richard Lucas

Business and social entrepreneur

“Why you should Embrace Rejection”


Paula Mascarenhas

Vice President at Sabre Corporation 

“Crafting your Professional and Personal Path”

Piotr Nabielec

Chief Productivity Officer – Produktywni.pl

“Living in a time of overload”


Łukasz Łętocha

Software Engineering Director at Sabre Corporation

2030 Outsourced by Intelligent Machines. Really?



Adrian Tworuszka

Senior Software Engineering Manager at Sabre Corporation

“More than just coincidence…”


Marcin Słowiak

Software Development Director at Sabre Corporation

“Save creativity for something else”


Krzysztof Badura

UXUI Expert, Coach, founder of UXUI Academy, CEO

 “Empathy – technological humanization”


Our hosts


Monika Krawczyk


Stephen Sydenham