Instructor Workshop Description Language Time Number of participants Conference Room (Sabre, Wadowicka 6D)
Paulina Świętek How to „tame” the flipchart? – attractive flipcharts creation After these workshop, you’ll be able to effectively translate your ideas, easily present thoughts and your content will be remembered for a long time. All this thanks to simple drawing! During the workshop, you’ll find that visual thinking helps in communication, concentration and stimulates creativity. Using a flipchart will make your presentations extraordinary and make it easier to remember. PL/EN 17:30 – 20:30 (3h) 15 Krakow/Warsaw
Oleg Zakharov Drones Workshops will be focused on two directions of hobby – construction of multi-spinning flying models – drones for racing and aerial photography. PL 17:30 – 20:00 (2.5h) 20 Africa/Europe/Asia
Katarzyna Łypik, Joanna Jurzak, Patryk Woszczyna, Tomasz Ćwik Design Thinking Design Thinking – a human-centric approach to creating products and services – has been around for a while, but it’s still in the spotlight. If you ever wondered what exactly it is or if it will work for you – give it a try during this workshop. You’ll be able to touch core elements of the method – empathizing, building understanding, rapid ideation and prototyping followed by validating with users. PL/EN 17:30 – 20:30 (3h) 20 River Ride


Our trainers


Paulina Świętek

She works as a team leader in an international corporation in Krakow. Additionally, she is interested in visual thinking and she promotes the usage of simple drawing in education, business and everyday life.
Paulina is an owner of Facebook fanpage called “Skuteczne Rysowanie” and website www.skutecznerysowanie.pl . It is where she shares her experience and passion of visual notes and flipcharts usage.


Oleg Zakharov

34 years, 10+ years in Sabre. Innovative technology enthusiast. Passionate about CNC, remote controlled models, 3D computer modeling.


Tomasz Ćwik
Mountain biker, basketball fan, foodie, photographer and logotype aficionado. Operating at the sweet spot between design and development to solve real problems with honest solutions. His opinions belong to nobody but himself.

Joanna Jurzak
Asia has 15+ years experience creating usable and user-friendly interfaces and experiences. She likes solving problems, analyzing and improving everything what she sees.
After hours she likes long walks, traveling, animals, interesting architecture and movies.

Katarzyna Łypik
Her passion is self-development and design: art, interior, visual, UX and life design. After hours she is an active member of the “Sabre Women in Technology” community – organizing meetings for women and workshops for kids. She drives her positive energy from long walks with her dogs, intuitive painting, scuba diving and lazy days at the country side with lots of coffee

Patryk Woszczyna
At Sabre for a year now, he’s focused on creating solutions for flight crews that help with their everyday duties and improve their work/life balance. Before joining Sabre, he was combining his UX and UI/Visual Design skills working on many different projects (web, mobile, VR, editorial, motion) for various industries. Passionate about cinematography & all things visual, technology, rock & alternative music and craft projects (furniture customization, upcycling, home brewing).